20 - 29 October 2017
Eindhoven, The Netherlands

People’s pavilion

People’s Pavilion: test case for shared future design

People make the city. Until recently, public officials, policy makers and planners were the ones who decided the city's future. Today, much more attention is given to contributions from inhabitants, companies and other stakeholders.

Experiments with citizen democracy and participation, design thinking and co-creation around the world form the background to the WDE programme in which designers and city inhabitants team up to research the future.

And what better way to showcase this new form of involvement than with a new house for the citizens, the inhabitants, the community. Together with designers from Overtreders W and Bureau SLA, more than 400 volunteers will work from mid-September to build a temporary pavilion on Ketelhuisplein.

For the structure, they will use materials supplied by the inhabitants themselves, including collected plastic waste that will be converted into shingles (tiles) by means of a method developed by Overtreders W and Bureau SLA. The structure will also incorporate borrowed materials that will be returned to the owners after the event.

And so the People’s Pavilion will be a test case for involving local residents in the design of the buildings – and hence the city – of the future­. During DDW/WDE 2017, the building will host community gatherings, public participation rounds, co-creation sessions, lectures and performances, as the central meeting point.