20 - 29 October 2017
Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Lab square

Making mistakes is fine, for we can learn from them

With its programme, WDE responds to the local context in Eindhoven, where the city authorities are working with roadmaps to plan the city's future. In our world, where technical developments occur at a rapid pace, and relations between people and governments are shifting, traditional approaches to the design of public and social domains have become obsolete.

In this new reality, roadmaps offer another approach. One that provides more space for linking various issues and for gradually adjusting on the basis of fresh insight and input from stakeholders. In practice, this means first testing and further developing new solutions and projects in a particular district with everybody involved, before implementing them throughout the city. Moreover, making mistakes is fine, for we can learn from them.

Citizens and designers work together on the city's future

Design and design thinking help by involving residents more effectively. Their contribution is vital, for everybody's future is at stake. WDE shows what designers can contribute. By reviving the tradition of test sites, WDE lets residents, visitors and designers explore opportunities at various places around the city.